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This is a site about nothing in particular. In particular it doesn't do anything.
There are no major revelations about anything at all of any nature whatsoever.

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Exploring The Dot

An unidentified object in deep space. Benign or malevolent? The seven men chosen for the mission would soon find out as they begin Exploring The Dot.   More...


What's The Rent There?

A slice of life from the exciting world of estate agencying.   More...


How To Tell Two Things Apart

A transcript of the introduction to a lecture given by an eminent professor on how to tell two things apart.   More...


Haggis Hunting

A short article on the demise of haggis hunting on the North Yorkshire Moors.   More...

Horoscope for today

Pisces 20th February - 20th March

That person you fancy at work is actually a cannibal. Cancel the dinner date.  Try having a hamburger for a snack between meals.

Lucky Bone: Patella

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