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This is a site about nothing in particular. In particular it doesn't do anything.
There are no major revelations about anything at all of any nature whatsoever.

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Pub Philsophy

The ramblings and musings of a couple of not so fictional characters down their local pub.   More...


What's The Rent There?

A slice of life from the exciting world of estate agencying.   More...


How To Tell Two Things Apart

A transcript of the introduction to a lecture given by an eminent professor on how to tell two things apart.   More...


Haggis Hunting

A short article on the demise of haggis hunting on the North Yorkshire Moors.   More...

Horoscope for today

Leo 24th July - 23rd August

It's an ill wind that blows no good. Especially after eating beans.  Try having tuna mayonnaise for dinner.

Lucky Bird: European Penduline Tit

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