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Exploring The Dot

As we sat in the preparation chamber, I marvelled yet again at how I felt no different, and how none of my colleagues appeared any different, despite the enormous changes that were taking place. I glanced swiftly around the chamber at the crew who were assembled for this particular mission. There was Krolowsky, a giant of a man with a face that looked as if it had been used as a punch bag for every heavyweight champion for the past one hundred years, yet who claimed, much to everyone�s disbelief, that he had never been in a brawl. Next to him, Laidler the scientist, his thin, bespectacled face buried in his notebook as usual, scribbling away at something no-one knew, nor would ever be likely to know. The last seat on that side was taken up by K�Chonga. Next to me on my right was Smith. Finally, there was Tomar.

With nothing else to occupy the time while we waited for the all-clear, my mind drifted back to the reason for this particular mission. It was some five months ago that Toubobble first noticed an unidentified, unrecognisable reading on the long range radar scanner. Assuming it was some top secret military vessel, it was dutifully reported, and thought no more about until a month later when we received the order to investigate it. Apparently no-one else in the League had authorised any vessels to be so far out, and the readings did not match any known alien configurations. Therefore, as we were the closest, it was up to us to go and find out what it was. The remarkable thing was that the object resisted any attempt by our instruments to reveal even the slightest hint as to its nature. Therefore it had simply become known as �The Dot�